Rainer’s Masterpiece

Yard Rink

Yard Rink

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Rainer skating on his masterpiece.

We donated our wooden play structure to a shelter this summer and he instantly noticed that this would enlarge the available yard space for the rink. (He is currently of the opinion that we could wrap the whole yard in rink, even the 1.5m wide strip of yard on the north side of the house. He says, “We’d just need to cover the side walk with carpeting…it’d be safe…the postal carrier would still deliver the mail…”)

The little islands of snow around trees are wonderful – they provide little paths for wandering if you’re in a meandering mood when skating and when we’re playing tag…oh, the perfect getaway dodges.

It was so wonderful we had to light it with overhead strings of coloured lights. It’s like our own little festival every night.

We have very little space to put the snow, though.  Think about it – we shovel our yard as well as our walkways and stairs.


12 thoughts on “Rainer’s Masterpiece

  1. babelbabe says:

    Oh! My! God! I am sooooooo jealous! I have been trying to build a rink in our teeny backyard for 2 winters now, for my little guys. Yours is positively stunning!!!

  2. Lisa says:

    Brings back wonderful childhood memories of the “rink” my Dad used to make for us and the spirited ice hockey games my brother and I had. Later the dads made a “neighborhood” rink on the “baseball” lot–we played crack the whip and had a blast. Today someone would sue…….I love the colored lights! Dad never did that!

  3. Kika says:

    That is so cool. My kids would love that. One year we used one of those “bags” that you fill to make a rink; it never worked out well at all. We are not very handy with things.

  4. Lisa says:

    I enjoy your blog. The rink is amazing. Totally foreign to where I live in the tropics of US! Normally we only see ice in our freezer! Enjoy!

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