Windy Girl

Sandra's Embroidered Art
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Sandra’s Windy Girl.

There was a drawing of hers that I loved: simply drawn, a few lines in ink, a girl with windswept hair and cloak. I asked if I could embroider it sometime, but she beat me to it: it showed up as a gift on Christmas morning.  One of the best things I’ve ever been given.

I particularly love the way she combined stitches and textures. The satin stitch has such a sense of movement to it, while the textured play of x’s for the cloak is so effective, particularly without a constraining boarder of outline stitching.

She also painted the wooden frame.

Handmade gifts like this cross boundaries of giving.  They are deeply personal acts – an act of creation – mixed with the tangible gift of time and care.


13 thoughts on “Windy Girl

  1. livnletlrn says:

    Lovely in every way. I especially like how she spaced out the cross stitches and misaligned the blocks of Xs to add dimension, texture, and movement to the cloak.

    BTW, I forgot to leave a comment about how impressed my own kids were w/ Sandra’s bird paintings, which happened to be up on my computer screen when my kids walked into this room a few days ago.

    Three cheers for creative kids who understand the value of a handmade life! (7 of my own dau’s projects are on the front pg of my blog right now — kiddo’s on a roll! — and some of my son’s mechanical projects are in the process of being photographed for an upcoming blog post.)

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