WIP Wednesday

There are multiple gifts on the go, it being birthday season in this family.  Not all Works In Progress will be listed, therefore.  But here are a sample of the things being worked on:

:: ::

Skirt of my Own Invention

Embroidering on the Skirt of my Own Invention. I started with a sketch, but soon began doing what felt like it was right. I’m deep in free-form textures and lines now.

:: ::

Waffle Rib socks

The first socks for my 12 in 12 Challenge. Waffle Rib socks, the third pair, for Rainer. Navy blue yarn from Froehlich Wolle.

:: ::

Family's Books

The books we’re reading. I had thought I was 30 pages from the end of Acacia when I put it down for a bit to read a biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Turns out it was more like 500 pages from the end. Oh.


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