Vest-uary II

The calendar pages just kept flipping and now it’s come full circle again.  February isn’t too far away, and that means I’m once again hosting a celebration of vests.  This year it happens to also be the month of the Winter Olympics, which has a special meaning for knitters.  That’s right, the Knitting Olympics and Vest-uary coincide, like two planets aligning and causing romantic adventures as written in Teen Vogue’s horoscope.

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Devon Vest

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What is Vest-uary?

Vest-uary. n. A time of celebration of the sleeveless.  Occurs in February. An excuse for a handmade party in a hard month. eg, I was thinking of making a washcloth, but decided to join the party that is Vest-uary.

Simply put – create a vest in February.  We’re already talking vest inspiration in the Ravelry Group.

What are the Knitting Olympics?

A way to challenge yourself to knit “Higher, Faster, Stronger”.  You set a goal that will challenge you in some way.  Learn lace. Knit your first sock.  Knit a whole sweater.  Then you’ve got from the opening ceremonies to the closing ceremonies to get it all done.  Swatching beforehand is permitted – it’s like training, after all.  Last time it was run by the Yarn Harlot, but the folks at Ravelry took the idea and ran crazy far with it during the summer Olympics. There’s lots to read at the Ravelympics 2010 pages, but you can do it all on your own, too.

What am I knitting?

My project for Vest-uary and the Ravelympics will be a vest.  (You knew that, didn’t you?  Clever readers.)  I’ll be designing it myself.  I have wanted to knit a grey sweater for some time now.  I do have the yarn on hand to make grey Moseys for myself, and I’ll be snagging that to make into a vest.

Austrian twisted-stitch cables.  Classic vest shape.  Modern grey.  I’m thinking sleek, clean design.

What are you planning for February?


8 thoughts on “Vest-uary II

  1. Kim says:

    I’m going to participate this year! I just joined the Ravelry group. I’m thinking something pink… with cables. And tight-fitting.
    I’m going pattern hunting…

  2. Miranda says:

    I think I’ll have to give Vest-uary a miss. In this family if there’s one thing we’re dreadfully short on it’s long sleeves. I’m heading more in the direction of shrugs, boleros and cardigans than vests.

    And I think I’ll claim my all-nighter on Christmas Eve, whereupon I finished dh’s sweater, as my contribution to the Ravelympics. A little early for the Olympics, but perhaps I was part of the torch relay … ??

  3. Kim says:

    I love it when the universe comes together. I was knitting Ravelympics for Team Middle Earth, and was going to make the Talia Vest (knitty) anyway, so it looks like Vestuary is a go!! Thanks for hosting this!

  4. Mariah says:

    You totally rock — designing sweaters and vests!

    I’m in for Vestuary. I have some Malibrigo that may become a Talia. But what I really want to do is a Buttercup in a soft warm yarn for layering. I don’t have any soft warm DK weight and I do have the other so ……….

    I love the vest I made last year and wear it often.

  5. Schwester K says:

    I’ll be passing on Vestuary, but joining Ravelympics. First time ever, and I’m somehow a team Co-Captain. My plan is to knit lace with some silk lace yarn I picked up on sale over the summer. I’m excited to see it worked up, instead of just in a ball!

  6. patte says:

    oh my, after a computer fiasco in December then a trip to visit family in England but without web access, I am home and
    am back to a daily visit to handmade homeschool.
    And I am feeling (mentally) so much more centered after catching up on your holiday celebrations and plans for the new year.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this blog. I am lucky to have found it a few years back. From having lived half my life in Germany and now to trying to keep the “hand” in daily life, I enjoy the tiny connections I find when I read your words.
    Alles Gute, patte in ri

  7. Susie says:

    I didn’t even know Vest-uary was coming and yet…and yet I was already planning on starting a vest for Feb! I’ve been thinking about Petrol (knitty), since I love, love, LOVE Manos yarns. Can’t get enough of them. Also, I need something relatively straightforward stitchwise, as I’ll be sitting bedside with my 12 year as he undergoes major surgery in Philadelphia. Stitch-worry-breathe. Stitch-worry-breathe. That’s the plan. (See I even make a plan to worry, since I know this can’t be done without some of that thrown in.) Thanks for the inspiration…AGAIN.

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