Sandra’s Masterpiece

Drawn with attention, painted with care, gifted with love to her Grampa. A calendar of birds that suit each month.

Click on the links to see them individually.

The owl is my favourite. The sparrow gives it a run for its money, though.


Sandra's Calendar

1. Sandra’s Bird Calendar, 2. Sandra’s Bird Calendar, 3. Sandra’s Bird Calendar, 4. Sandra’s Bird Calendar, 5. Sandra’s Bird Calendar, 6. Sandra’s Bird Calendar, 7. Sandra’s Bird Calendar, 8. Sandra’s Bird Calendar, 9. Sandra’s Bird Calendar, 10. Sandra’s Bird Calendar, 11. Sandra’s Bird Calendar, 12. Sandra’s Bird Calendar

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys



12 thoughts on “Sandra’s Masterpiece

  1. ami says:

    Wow, these are indeed amazing!

    I’ve been what I guess is called “lurking” for a long time now. I discovered your 365 project through the last post and looked at every one and after that I feel I definitely owe you at least a hello!

    So, hello, my name is Ami. I’m not a homeschooling mom; I’m not a mom yet. But I’ve been in training, closely watching my best friends do their homeschooling mama magic, and getting linked in through their networks. And your blog is one of my favorites.


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