St. Martin’s Lanterns. They may be a November part of the German winter celebrations, but they were too good a project to pass up.

Here’s a link to a small gallery of wonderful pictures I used to teach about German Christmas celebrations, including three with the lanterns. The gallery covers topics that include pictures that let me talk about the invention of advent calendars, Christmas markets, Christmas pyramids, and the Christmas tree, complete with pickle – a custom Rainer has never, ever heard of. This article suggests rather convincingly that it is a well-sold myth.


Christmas School - lanterns

Christmas School - lanterns

Christmas School - lanterns

Lanterns mosaic


Thanks to a wonderful notion from Christy, I’ll be getting some battery operated tea lights so that the kids can use theirs (sans carrying stick and wire) in their rooms at night.


3 thoughts on “Lanterns

  1. Debbie says:

    those are beautiful! i think lanterns are my favorite part of winter! we’re making some for solstice – i have high hopes of a lantern walk in the dark down our nearby bike path…we’ll see if i can talk the troops into it; i may be on my own!

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