Pleasant Turmoil

Bird Houses


cutting. sewing. ironing.

knitting. counting. grafting.

measuring. snitching. baking.

shovelling. walking. building.

talking. laughing. anticipating.



5 thoughts on “Pleasant Turmoil

  1. Honey says:

    I would LOVE it if you would archive your site by year. I just stumbled across your blog via Kiddio & I REALLY LIke your blog! I don’t have internet at home (joys of country living & I enjoy being the only vegan unschooler that utilizes McD’s free wi-fi. You should see my van plastered with earth friendly messages sitting in the parking lot…just funny! 🙂 )so I was saving your pages to read at home. Only problem…the archives don’t show the full article & when you’re not hooked up to internet to refresh..well it makes for sad reading. I’m enjoying your stuff..LOVe the bird houses & the pics of white, flowery like hoar frost on the lime green window & glass with a silver fence & a leaf caught in it. Absolutly beautiful! I have to say the bird houses are what caught me to stop & read instead of skimming (looking for Montessoir/Waldorf stuff…I know…opposite sides of the same coin… 🙂 ) Well, off to hubby & 3 monkeys at home. I wonder if he made it through 6 (yep 6 hours of un-interupted computer research time…if only I was in a bath then it’d be nirvana! 😉


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