Be Nice

On the theme of being nice, four sets of ideas for you:

1. I gave to myself this weekend – I scheduled a massage for the middle of the gift crafting and cookie baking season. Then I told her I’d been knitting a lot and she should pay attention to my forearms and hands.  Ahhhhh.

2. I was inspired by this interview about the power of 29 gifts.  Then I clicked over and watched the video and read the information on the main page and was even more inspired. I usually avoid all online videos like the plague since the internet sucks enough of my time as is.  But for some reason I clicked play, and it touched me and I feel better about the world – good payoff.

3. Inspiring photos from Flickr.

1. John’s Mice, 2. Gingerbuns!, 3. Coffee sleeve with handle, 4. Paper Ornaments – Diamonds, 5. Martin, 6. Coléoptère, 7. Santa(s) Number One., 8. Frosty!, 9. Baktus #2, 10. IMG_2493, 11. Peppermint Brownies, 12. Snow in Takoma Park, 13. embroidery, 14. Color vs. Texture, 15. chipmunk, 16. december 1, 2009, 17. all stitched!, 18. Santa #5, 19. holiday mice, 20. Felted sweater and blanket ornaments–red and white button snowmen, 21. Arts and Crafts Fair 2009, 22. Flock of birds…, 23. Monkey Socks, 24. doubledouble mittens, 25. Embroidered Journal Cover

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

4. Creative links:

Simple, elegant paper teardrop ornament.

Printable set of advent calendar houses. Sweet.

Build simple textural stamps out of yarn and wood and then make wrapping paper: yarn stamped paper.

Elegant yet rustic, simple tealight holder that would be pretty speedy to whip up for a last-minute gift or decoration.

Thirty days of sewn gift ideas from the Sew Mama Sew blog.

Free embroidery pattern for a sweet sweater-wearing bear on skis.

Wonderful elf embroidery pattern.


3 thoughts on “Be Nice

  1. thebirdssong says:

    I’ve been participating in the 29 gifts “idea” ( I can’t say challenge, it’s easy) despite this being the worst year financially for us in our adult life. Giving doesn’t cost money, and it feels great.

  2. livnletlrn says:

    Y’know, I really liked the 29 gifts philosophy. I was thinking maybe that would be a good family project around here. Then I realized we already do it, perpetually, without even noticing. I mailed a package to the Red Scarf Project the other day. The day before that, son delivered fresh baked cookies to neighbors going through a difficult time. Spent hours driving MIL to preop doc appts for her broken wrist yesterday and discussing ideas to make her life easier and more pleasant while she heals. Dropping off handknit twined mittens at a local bank’s mittens and hat collection today. Family baked bagels from scratch in our wood-fired oven this week, to be given to dau’s chorus leaders in appreciation after the show tomorrow. On and on like that. It’s a good thing.

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