Frozen Moments in a Morning

clue in a tea cozy


On a day last week, we started with clues tucked around the house and a hunt.


Newberry Christmas


They led to our new Christmas book, “A Newberry Christmas”. I read the first story aloud and knit on a simple sock whose colours remind me of the 80’s and acid wash jeans and hair bands.


How I read and knit simultaneously



Breakfast was slowly consumed and Sandra wrote a character sketch of Moist Von Lipwig.

Porridge and language arts


Tias surprised me by reading a whole page of his chapter book. Usually we alternate paragraphs. I danced on the inside.




Then he ate icicles and we played a multiplication card game.


Eating ice and a math game


Sandra set up to paint.


Bird Art



I washed dishes by hand. Our dishwasher has three things wrong with it that would cost two new dishwashers’ worth to repair.


dishwasher's broken

It was a good morning.  Complete with arguments and mess.  Reality likes to add contrast.  Today we start Christmas School with one of our favourite families. Two weeks of afternoons full of Christmas-based learning and a lot of crafting time. I’ll write more about that soon.


6 thoughts on “Frozen Moments in a Morning

  1. Lisa says:

    Love it all! Tias reading! [My son now READS, too–knew you’d share that joy!!!], S’s painting and the lovely knitting!! Wonderful looking day!

  2. Lisa Richards says:

    Oh, I sure do miss homeschooling! Now that the kids are grown I’ll have to homeschool myself and give myself permission to do all those wonderful projects (writing, reading, drawing, painting, etc.) just for the joy of it!

    Enjoyed reading about your day and loved the pictures!


  3. Anne says:

    My kiddos love the Geronimo Stilton books. They rock!
    The yarn you are using is delicious as always.
    May the New Year bring many successful projects for you and yours!
    And, can I say, I can’t believe how much your kids have grown. Your daughter looks so almost-grown-up lovely in the picture!

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