All that Knitting

Legwarmies - inside out


How do I knit so much? I’ve been asked again to share my sooper-secret method of homeschooling and accomplishing things.

It’s not too secret, in fact, it’s not secret at all and I’m about to share my methods.

Method One :: get up early.

Rising at 6 and sitting in front of a light box to keep Seasonal Affective Disorder away has taught me, the Not-at-all-a-morning-person person, the beauty of the early hours.  Everyone else is asleep.  I can’t do chores.  I can’t bang things or rattle dishes.  I must be quiet.  Therefore, I can accomplish things that involve sitting.  Without guilt.

Method Two :: be impatient.

Have an itch to get things done.  Hate sitting still.  Be impatient with waiting but pursue patience.

Knitting keeps me mellow.  It lets me sit by the kids while they do their math and not be forever poking my nose into their learning experience.

Knitting calms that chattering monkey mind that is the superficial layer of my thinking and allows me to focus. It grounds that part of me, keeps it busy, and lets the rest of me think, talk, listen.

Method Three :: knit when you’re sitting.

Watching TV? Reading a book? I’m confused. Why aren’t you knitting?

I make sure to have something simple on the needles nearly all the time.  Plain socks?  Love ’em.  They go round and round without needing much of me and I can read aloud to the kids, or sit in the car as we drive to my parents’, or wait in line, or talk with friends.

Method Four :: ignore housework.

It’s just going to get fingerprints on it again anyway.  Don’t get too fussy.  Clean ’til you’re happy with it, and then stop and knit for heaven’s sake.  A happy you is more important to those around you than a dusted freezer top.  Remember this key philosophy: people before things. (See Method Five.)

Method Five :: rate your needs as needs.

Consistently putting your needs on the back-burner for others’ needs?  Just stop that.  That’s silly. How much more can you give when you have energy to give with?

Needs are needs.  Mine, yours, the kids’, the neighbours’.  They’re foundational, fundamental: that’s why they’re called needs.  Stop thinking of your urge to be creative as a frivolous thing, a mere desire.  Needs are needs.

Method Six ::  only have medium to large children.

You’ve got little models?  Wait.  In two years you’ll be startled at how much more of your life is the kind of life to which the other 5 methods apply.




The right kind of knitting for methods two and three in particular.

Pattern: Legwarmies

Yarn: Lana Grossa Cool Wool 2000, red and mushroom

These weren’t meant to be a Christmas gift but rather an autumnal ‘just because’. But fall moved on and now these sweet legwarmers will arrive in time to be a holiday treat.


Legwarmies -jogless join


Used TECHknitting’s tutorial for jogless stripes, the stationary method.


18 thoughts on “All that Knitting

  1. Lisa says:

    Back when I could knit, I never managed to read and knit. I could listen or watch and knit, but not read! Ignore cleaning–that’s how I get all the “important things” done [i.e., read, watch a good movie, read, pet cats, read, listen to Junior High drama, read, listen to High School drama…..]

  2. Leslie says:

    I love your blog!! Needed to hear, again that “needs are needs!” I enjoy knitting too and am always trying to fit it in. Never thought about doing it while I read. Humph. I must try! Thanks!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Fantastic list. Thanks for sharing it. I am biologically a morning person, regardless of what time I go to sleep. I’m often tired, as a result (unless I discipline myself and head to bed early) and I often just veg mindlessly in front of the computer… but it makes so much sense to knit instead!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Great methods, and having some sort of creative outlet is definitely a need. Now all I need is to do small projects while my kiddos are little and maybe I’ll have more brain power when they get bigger.

  5. Heidi says:

    The Yarn Harlot explains when people remark, “I don’t have the patience to knit”, that she knits because she *doesn’t* have patience – if she wasn’t knitting while waiting for appointments or whatnot, she would probably commit a violent act or spontaneously combust or something. Heck, she was knitting a sock during her talk at our local bookstore when I saw her a year or two ago.

  6. Roobeedoo says:

    I wish I could get up early! I just know this would work for me too. But my husband is ill – the drugs he has to take give him insomnia and he has got into the habit of getting up at 3am, and only coming back to bed at 6am for a last-minute snuggle before I get up at 7am! My main knitting time seems to be between 9pm and 11pm, when he is dozing in his armchair and the kids have gone to bed. But I am with you on all the others – especially knitting and reading at the same time!

  7. Rhian says:

    Awww, I got all the way through that thinking ‘aha! Someone says it is possible to knit with kids!’… and then got to the end. My son is one year old. Sigh. A while yet I think!

  8. Meredith says:

    Great message here and yes always have something on the needles and knit during all sitting times love it!!! Darling legwarmers, my dd 13 just finished her first pair and is wearing them to ballet class this minute :)) Many blessings to you in this peaceful Advent season.

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