no flash, all dazzle

Boneyard shawl

Pattern: Boneyard

Sometimes the urge to be clever with our knitting leads us away from the simple pieces. We think, “Oh, that’s so simple.  There’s no challenge in that.  No sizzle.”  And in the store when we see something simple and striking we think, “Oh, I’m not going to buy that machine knit. I could make it.”

This project completely reinforced a growing sense I have that the really wearable pieces tend to have the littlest amount of flash.  It’s the simple things in simple colours that we can throw on with any outfit.

Knitting up this simple, mostly stockinette scarf was wonderful as a process and as a product.  I could knit it while reading aloud to the kids or in front of the TV or when I was sick enough I didn’t really want to move.  I could put it down anywhere in the row and deal with life and then come back to it and have no problem finding my place.  It was companionable.

The 400 yards I had of the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed made this a pretty small shawl.  It really is a scarf.  Happily, it is the kind of scarf I have loved wearing for more than a decade, and in a colour that I can wear with nearly everything. The orange and pink flecks make it such a warm black.  Tweedy yarns, how you fascinate…
I enjoyed it so much I’d love to cast on for a second.  And a third.  I’d love to have a few spare balls of dk weight yarn on hand.  Maybe I’ll have to get some, especially some City Tweed.  Imagine knitting one in Tabby and one in Habenero.  They’d make lovely gifts.

What sort of simple and striking pieces have you enjoyed working on?  What paths of inspiration can you lead me down?


6 thoughts on “no flash, all dazzle

  1. Charity says:

    Oh, I know just what you mean! About a year ago, I realized that when I knit for myself, I just wasn’t using the items, as they were “too much” for me. I prefer wearing simple items myself. My favourites have become smooth, fitted cardis and v-neck top down raglans…

    Your finished scarf is lovely, I may have to toss the stash for some appropriate yarn myself! 🙂

  2. Roobeedoo says:

    I made a “Simple But Effective” shawl out of a single skein of Noro Kureyon sock. It is such an easy knit, with just a few bands of garter stitch for texture – letting the self-striping yarn do all the work. I have seen lovely versions in Silk Garden sock, which is probably softer. And Mini Mochi looks like it would be softer still – mmm!

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