Can’t Stop Thinkin’ of You

The neckerchief, the small shawl worn point forwards, has been much on my mind lately. In fact, if you were to track my internet roamings for patterns and yarns, you would see that I have allowed these little accessories to verge on obsession.


Pattern: Boneyard

Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed, 01

Perhaps it’s the fall weather and the hankering I have for the warmth of a neck wrapper. Perhaps it’s that North American women have finally caught the scarf bug and I no longer feel like a lone style wolf. Perhaps it’s that my Minimalist Cardigan’s inexplicable change in gauge between swatch and pattern and the way it sits in pieces waiting for a decision has made me feel more than a little skittish about gauge.

Just before I got sick this week I cast on for the Boneyard Shawl. I love this yarn, now sadly out of production, but didn’t know what to do with it. It’s turning out to be the perfect thing to do with this drapey, dark yarn. The rust and pink flecks of tweed really warm the black and make it flattering for wearing next to the face.

While I’m knitting on it, I continue to think of other little shawls. Would you like to delight in them with me? Here are a few links to follow. They’re Ravelry links, but if you’re knitting and not a member, seriously? Join now and stop the insanity. Even if you only use it to find patterns and then see how they look on real people.

Aestlight – most obsessed over

Springtime Bandit
Daybreak and Herbivore from the designer of Boneyard. Lovely, architectural.

And I’d love to have a few skeins of the Raven Clan yarn to knit them. Lovely, dusky neutrals just right for throwing on with everything. Sigh. I wonder if there’s a Canadian source for them?


4 thoughts on “Can’t Stop Thinkin’ of You

  1. Ruth says:

    On ravelry, there’s a group “Small shawl lovers” – just in case you didn’t know.

    Greetings from southern Germnay (Tübingen),

  2. AC in SC says:

    Springtime Bandit would be the perfect match for some Malabrigo I have in my stash. I just need to figure out the charts – I have never knitted from a chart and the set-up chart is just not making sense. Must…..learn….charts!

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