Autumn Spontaneity


It’s a season in which I make lists. Lists and lists and lists. Of goals. Of plans. Of gifts. Of traditions. Of books.  Of good deeds.

Paradoxically, it is also a season of spontaneity. Of grabbing a sunny day and glorying in it. Of allowing inspiration to pull me down rabbit trails. Suddenly I’m knitting things off my planned list. Suddenly I’m embroidering. Suddenly I’m letting myself do what feels fun and fulfilling.

Autumn Spontaneity

An unplanned autumn hike with friends.

A sampler that refused to be ignored and then refused to be planned.

Most unusual for me, this sampler. Creativity without a plan. Just letting the colours inspire me. Just trusting my creative voice. Just allowing the rhythm of stitching to intoxicate me.

Inspired often by the Stitch-a-Day feature at The Hand Embroidery Network.

I began with the leaves in 3 colours and then picked three different colours for the linear section.  It’s just smaller than an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper.  I’m not certain what it will become, but I welcome ideas.

Autumn Sampler


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