We’re breathing now. The whirlwind of cake and whipping cream and talking to people has ended. Now we’re cleaning up the house after a week’s neglect and scrubbing out the last crumbs from the cake pans. I still need to work through our photos of the cakes and type up the recipes for those who donated from afar.

In the meantime, a little blue eye-candy for you. I finished two sets of socks before the end of October, both of them tying into the Project Spectrum blue theme.

Three for Wee

Three for Wee
Three baby socks so that if one is lost it is not a tragedy.

Yarn: Regia Canadian Colours, Vancouver

Pattern: Newborn Hat and Sock Set

Knee Socks

Knee Socks

Yarn: SuperGarne Aktiv, 01504 green/turquoise

Pattern: Shaping Knee Socks

This month I finished a started pair, started and finished two pair (it seems awkward to call the baby set a pair, but hey!) and I’m nearly done a fourth pair – just a few inches and the toes. This has definitely been my most productive Socktober yet. It was a nice break to have nothing but socks on the go. Simple, mostly stockinette, undemanding knitting that just went along with what life had to offer me this month.


6 thoughts on “Breathing

  1. J says:

    Pictures of the food, please! I’ve been waiting through the feed for a new post from your blog. I was very excited to see the new post but… no food pictures!

    Sorry, I’m a bit carb starved. The socks do look good enough to eat though…

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