WIP Wednesday

Work In Progress Wednesday



60 eggs

5 lbs butter

3 litres of whipping cream

5 boxes of chocolate, grated or melted

1.3 kg of nuts, finely chopped by hand



Cakes, tortes, flans, squares…the baking is well underway for the Dare To Remember Fundraiser this Friday.

There were a worrying few hours when it became apparent that our oven was melting the electrical wires in the wall.  But with a little help from our friend, the wiring is safe and baking has resumed.

Remember, you can take part, even from a distance.  Just donate and put a note requesting your copy of three delicious, mind-bendingly tasty recipes.




One thought on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Sandra says:

    You are brilliant. Seriously, this is an amazing idea. If ever you are feeling a little depleted, low….call me so that I can remind you what a generous, creative force you are!!!

    So I tried to donate online, but being south of the border, the site won’t let me. Can I mail you a cheque or is it too late?

    I really want that Black Forest cake recipe!

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