We Dare You



You are cordially invited to an evening of elegant desserts and interesting conversation.  Except that you can’t come because you’re my far-flung friends.  Instead we offer a trade.  We dare you to be part of our Dare To Dine event.

We’re proud and excited to be hosting an evening that is part of 1,000 dinners across Canada to help Turn the Tide against AIDS in Africa.  The Stephen Lewis Foundation has set a goal of raising $100 million in five years. It sounds impossible, but all over Africa ordinary people are doing extraordinary things, and we want to join them.

Inspired by our extended trip to Europe last year, we’re hosting a night of Terrific Terrifying Tortes the night before Halloween. The Austro-Hungarian Empire serves as our starting point. We’re leafing through our cookbooks and debating the merits of Austrian tortes and berry tarts. Our current list of possibilities includes recipes Rainer’s Oma has been baking for decades as well as newer additions: Sachertorte, Black Forest Cake, Greta Garbo Schnitte, Dobostorte, and a few other treats including German coffee.




As part of Dare to Dine, we set a fund-raising goal and we’re asking all of you — family, colleagues, and friends — to sponsor us. All of the funds we raise will support African grandmothers who are transforming lives in their communities.


Kunst Torten


Please donate online now by selecting an amount from the Sponsor Me section on our webpage. It’s simple, fast, and totally secure and will make such a difference to the incredible grandmothers in Africa.

So please dig deep and donate now.

Everyone who donates but cannot attend will receive translations of 3 of the recipes we’re serving that night.  Simply let me know in the ‘private message’ part of the sponsorship form that you’re wanting the recipes.  No matter the amount donated.  Please contribute.  Even $5 will make a huge difference in the big picture.




Intrigued?  A Dare to Remember is open to everyone, not just Canadians.  The Dare to Dine part is just one side.  People are doing all sorts of things.  Go have some fun and watch videos of Stephen Lewis, music star k-os, and others performing their dares here and read about featured dares here.  Then Dare yourself, or Dare your cousins.

Help us make a difference.  We dare you.


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