Earlier this week…

Grr Arg
Grrrr Arrrg!

That boy. He’s my Taoist master. Since the moment of his arrival, he’s taught me so much about being in the moment. At first it was to keep up with his body as he nursed, crawled, and leaped. Then it was because that was where his mind lived. In. This. Moment. There is no past or future in his thoughts. There is merely the incredible purity of now, of these emotions, of these passions, of these friends.
In March I smiled as he complained about snow and winter: “I hate winter!  Snow is so stupid!  I wish we lived somewhere where I could bike all year round.  Stupid winter!”

I smiled because I knew there would be a time like this week.  I knew the flakes would fall and he would proclaim: “I love snow!  I wish it would snow for three days and not stop!  Winter is my favourite season, isn’t it, Mom?  I always get so happy in winter.”

Right now.  That’s all we have.  Enjoy your moments.


8 thoughts on “Earlier this week…

  1. Jennifer says:

    What a great dino! Things change after months of one kind of weather, I often think I would like to live somewhere it is always 67 degrees. Then I think I would miss fall, and even the snow.

  2. threegirlpileup says:

    Beautiful. It’s amazing how difficult it can be for me to be in the now, and then my kids pull me right back, since it’s right where they ALWAYS are.

  3. kelly says:

    so cool, surprised there weren’t doggy feet throughout it!
    The snow is always fun at first but when it drags on into april and may it really does take the fun out of it.

  4. bonnie says:

    love this post. my dgtr is always reminding me of this simply by enjoying the now and i am so trying to get there
    thanks for a good morning message!

  5. Tinkermama says:

    I continue to see and believe that children are profound teachers.
    Thank you to you and your son for the reminder to stay present.

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