Socktoberfest Progress

The October brown lunch bag of my own yarn, aka Personal Yarn Club, socks for Rainer are finished:


Stripety Stripes


I completely did not expect that yarn to stripe. On the ball it looked like it would knit up to be speckled. Surprises are so delightful, aren’t they?

Knee Sock Update: Anywhere but on my legs, these look ridiculously large. On my legs, however, they’re fitting my curves perfectly. The knee sock tutorial is working out really well. I’m about 9″ into each – just about the place where I usually begin a pair of socks.


Knee Sock


How’s that looking close up? Gorgeous.


waves of blue


5 thoughts on “Socktoberfest Progress

  1. celticcaston says:

    Your cruising along with your sock progress. I did tell you NOT to send snow didn’t I??? Thought I might have had another brain fart that said send it because we sure got it!!! *sigh*

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