A Quote and a Question



“Curiosity is one of the most permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect.”

Samuel Johnson


Can we? What? Who? How? Is it really? Why? Why not?


3 thoughts on “A Quote and a Question

  1. Anni says:

    Well, here’s one set of possible answers ….

    Can we?

    u-huh, well, you can for now anyway!


    home educate/ home school in the UK 😉


    pretty much everyone who wants to! but not if certain people have their way


    in the manner that best suits the age aptitudes and abilities of your child, taking into account their interests and any special needs they may have. For now anyway.

    Is it really?

    yes! really! and we would dearly love it to stay that way!


    because we know our children better than any inspector or teacher ever could

    Why not?

    because the people in power would dearly love to control us all properly, and just now they can’t do that, and it makes them sulky

    your question puts me in mind of Kipling’s Serving men…. Who, What When Where Why and How. Been my dd’s faithful companions since the day she could form the words!

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