Single Skein September

What a flurry of productivity this group knitalong unleashed in me: 10 Projects done in less than one month!  I am all astonishment, as some Jane Austen character said. (Mr. Bennet?)  And it’s not like fall weather had my fingers itching to knit – September saw the arrival of the only summer weather we’ve had all year: a stunning, sunny, hot month.

Single Skein September was invented at the Stash and Burn podcast (the very best knitting talk to be had) with the idea of focusing on using up those odd balls that we buy because they’re pretty or on sale or we’re wooed by the texture.

I let things take their own paths and found myself surprised along the way. I had set 4 projects up in my mind (and on the discussion board). Of those I knit…one: the hat for Tias. Instead of the modest Christmas gifts and a nice scarf for myself that I thought I might tackle, I took a complete detour towards a festival of hats and charity projects.


Single Skein September Mosaic

1. Winter Eclipse Socks, 2. Thorpes, 3. Watch Cap, 4. Fussball Socks, 5. Cozy tea set, 6. Robin’s Egg Hat, 7. Watch (him running) Cap, 8. Tubey, 9. silly boy :: silly hat

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys


— 7 hats in total, 4 hats for charity. For those of you looking for a Canadian collection point, I’ve finally found one. I think it’s a bit silly to spend the extra money to ship something to the States so that it can be shipped overseas when the money could be spent on more yarn for charity. The Warm Hands Network collects for 2 locations: Northern Labrador in Canada and Mongolia.

— 2 pairs of socks! Two! In a month!

— A tea pot cozy and mug cozy. So silly and happy-making.

I’m not saying I won’t suddenly start and finish something in the next few days while we’re still in September, but as my in-laws are here and staying in the room with all the yarn, the likelihood that I’ll whip out something is very low. Right now I’ve got another pair of socks for Rainer on the go. I’ve turned the heel on the first. Nice, plain, 2×2 ribbed socks ideal for working on while visitors are here.

Speaking of sock knitting, Socktoberfest begins soon!  Have you made plans? I have just one main goal for Socktoberfest this time round. In a mash-up of Socktoberfest and Project Spectrum, and in a slaking of a long-term thirst for kneesocks, I’m going to knit some blue knee-socks.

Pattern: Shaping Knee Socks
Yarn: SuperGarne Aktiv


AKTIV 4-fach Col IV



7 thoughts on “Single Skein September

  1. robyn says:

    huzzah! that’s a tremendous amount of knitting done in one month – i’m thoroughly impressed! you’re moving along as fast as i am with all that charity knitting. it’s nice to know there’s a Canadian drop-off for charity knitters – i may have to post about it!

    also, i’m thoroughly convinced that the only way to take a picture of Tubey is with a silly face.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I’m going to “out” myself as a total Jane Austen geek: Caroline Bingley was all astonishment.

    I’m very inspired by your knitting jag. I’m particulary impressed by the hat you are wearing (the facial expression is rather good, too). I think Socktoberfest may be a good kick-start for my own fall knitting. Thanks for mentioning it!

  3. celticcaston says:

    Wozers!! You have been busy!!
    I’m excited to see the progress of your knee socks, I’ll be wishing I could knit some too!
    Socktoberfest I only have one goal, to knit the TTL mystery socks, they were so much fun last year and hopefully I’ll get them done before Tadpole comes!

  4. JoVE says:

    someone told me the other day that the Red Cross takes knitted items for adult homeless folks. Sounded like a good thing but have not investigated.

    Seems like folks closer to home might need those hats as much as folks in Mongolia. In Ottawa the Snowsuit Fund collects hats and mittens for children. And I know that schools in lower income neighbourhoods often welcome donations of extras as kids come in without appropriate gear.

  5. lorchick says:

    I’ve been all hats lately too, and a good thing… Somebody flicked the switch on the weather! Three days ago it was the AC… today, the heat! Good grief!

    I love the orange and green hat. My husband would kiss me if I made him one like that. Well, he’d kiss me regardless. But maybe twice? lol.

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