Big Weekend

Queen City Marathon


Last race of the season.  Rainer did the full, hoping to qualify for Boston.  That wasn’t in the cards, but he had his second fastest marathon time.  I did the half.  I woke with a headache and had a hard day but really pushed myself.  I left it all on the course, as they say.  When you push that hard, telling yourself, “C’mon, you can do anything for another half hour.  Just thirty minutes more…”, you look for every sign the finish is nearing.  It was hard. Man, oh, man.  I set a new personal best, but I’m more proud of the mental race than the time on the clock.


Queen City Marathon

Queen City Marathon


The race director clearly has a sense of humour.

8 thoughts on “Big Weekend

  1. wabisabises says:

    That race director rocks!

    Have you seen ‘Run, Fat Boy, Run!’? It’s a really funny movie and they talk about hitting ‘the wall’ when you do marathons. I’m so proud of you for finishing what you set out to do – that’ fantastic.

    I hope Rainier can qualify next year. What an accomplishment! (or you can tell him to just sign up with one of the charities and walk/jog it *ducks*)

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