A Week of Bento Lunches

A week in Bento Lunches


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1. Bento, 2. Bento, 3. Bento, 4. Bento

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4 days, 4 sets of lunches.

Everytime I take a picture I hear the refrain from Goldilocks: Papa Bear’s was too big, Mama Bear’s was too cold, Baby Bear’s was juuuuuuuust right.

It’s been interesting. Mornings are a little busier as Rainer and I work together to get everything packed up, but not hectic at all. It helps that it’s all planned out already and we’re not making decisions. I’m eating differently than I usually do, especially less salad and veggies. We need to work on that. I am pretty careful about keeping processed carbs out of my diet – tortillas, even whole wheat ones, are usually something I avoid, as is that much rice for lunch. But we’re finding our way.

It seems strange packing for the kids and I when we’re at home anyways, but there is this wonderful sense of ease as I set out lunch in the middle of the day rather than rush about trying to get it all sorted and chopped. The kids are certainly eating a more varied lunch diet than usual, and that’s always a good thing. Repetition can lead to boredom and that can lead to eating without mindfulness and not paying attention to signs you’re getting full.

We’re using Glasslock containers we found at CanadianTire this weekend. Size is good, for the most part, although it’s meaning a bit of a struggle in terms of veggies. I usually think ‘light and lofty’ for lunchtime veggies – things that fill me up without much caloric density. Rainer uses a 2L container, but since he’s so very active and usually does at least 60 minutes of training in the day and needs to pack all his snacks, that’s definitely not too large.

There’s a real charm to making sure the items all fit, that things are tucked in, that it looks pleasing, and using little cupcake liners for foods. We’ve discovered that we need a way to send soy sauce to work for Rainer, and that’s led to a bit of a coveting of supplies:

sauce bottles

egg molds

vegetable cutters


12 thoughts on “A Week of Bento Lunches

  1. Kika says:

    Your lunches look terrific. I can imagine that they feel fun to the kids and that after the initial work of putting them together it would seem easy to just pull them out at lunch time.

  2. JoVE says:

    I have a friend who packed all the lunches together for those going to work or school and those staying at home precisely because it wasn’t that much more work at that time.

    And is there somewhere R. can store a whole bottle of soy sauce at work? Even a deep desk drawer? Or on a bookshelf? (though obviously not one of the library stacks) That would be easier than thinking about it each day.

  3. April says:

    I have two egg molds that i have been meaning to use…but havn’t found the time. I would love for you to have them to make those lunches even more cute!

  4. Lisa says:

    These are so beautiful!! I may just have to give it a try and surprise the troops some Saturday. We are sushi, salad and fruit freaks so it should go over well. By the way, your cookies are CRUEL–I’ve taken off 4 lbs–4 hard-won lost pounds–and now I have drool on my mouth looking at the photos!!! lol…

  5. bibliotecaria says:

    I was looking at those Glasslock containers the other day, but I was wondering how well they sealed. Since I regularly pack stuff to work, I want something that will not leak if it tips on its side. Any experience with that yet?

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