We Recommend

Protein Bars


We recommend: Homemade Protein Bars

Our only modification was to add the cheerful, colourful choc chips. We added a cup here, as I believe that everything deserves a good presentation the first time you serve it to someone.

So much protein for so little money and fuss. I had to chase the kids and Rainer away from these, they’re that good.  They’re also great for smashing up a bit and sprinkling on yogurt or ice-cream.  I wrapped them individually because I wanted them to be as useful as possible.

These are a thank you gift for a triathlete friend who loaned me his bike.


5 thoughts on “We Recommend

  1. Kim says:

    Brilliant!!! My daughter loves Nature Valley bars but we can’t get them in Turkey. We CAN get all the ingredients in this recipe though, and what a great project for my almost-4 yr old and me to make together.

    Thank you, Sarah!

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