Blue Choices

The wedding was wonderful and I’m stuffed full of memories. I misplaced my camera for the whole time, though, and so I have no visuals to share. In a few weeks the photographer will put all the photos online for viewing/ordering and I’ll be sharing that link because you have got to see the ones involving two of our swords, large paper-mache 20-sided dice, and the wildest set of action sequences.

In a way, having no camera was a blessing, because I was free to participate, talk to a million people, and run around as much as possible to help my mom. Their yard was in astonishingly beautiful shape: the cool, rainy summer meant that the traditional scortched grass and faded green trees of August didn’t show their faces at all.  And yet, since two days before the wedding and continuing on to the forseeable future, summer weather was with us.  Sun without heat on the wedding day itself.

Now September joins us, bringing thoughts of fall even as we race into the outdoors to enjoy the only heat we’ve had all year.  September means several things in the handmade world: Single Skein September begins, Project Spectrum switches colours to blue, and goodness gracious but Socktoberfest isn’t far behind. SSS is a great chance to whip up a bunch of gifts or charity projects while seeing your bag of odd balls dwindle.  And blue has been my favourite colour for 30 years.  Ask me now and I’ll tell you it’s purple, but blue and purple are kissing-cousins.

I’m full of thinking for the new school year, new season, new food plans, new everything it seems.  And so I’m thinking about the knitting plans, too.

PS blue yarns

1. baby quilt, 2. baby quilt, 3. blues

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys


If you click on the link for the third photo, you can read the notes about the yarns.

The blanket is a hand-quilted delight that my Tante Barb (aunt for the non-German speaking among you) made for me when I was too wee to remember.  It was pulled out so that her grand-daughter Nadia could lay her sweet head on it this weekend.  Nadia and her mother – my favourite cousin – stayed with us for 4 days.  Wonderful days.  Life should be flavoured with more of those.

My plans scheeming for the next while:

I just finished the pair of fingerless mitts from August and I’m still working on the last few inches of my Minimalist Cardigan, so I haven’t done more than tag things and dream: one skein list.

Of those tagged, the ones I’d love to get to:

  • Bike Helmet Earmuffs – two pairs, one a Christmas gift, blue.
  • earflap hat for my son, still choosing pattern,but using the bright blue worsted that I dyed for his hat/mitts/cowl last autumn
  • fingerless mitts for my daughter, still choosing pattern. Probably red.
  • #13 Drop Stitch Scarf from Vogue Knitting has been calling my name since I saw the picture online and tracked down a copy of the magazine in store after store. I’d love to do it in my blue Dream in Color Smooshy, but it’s lowest on the priorities.
  • Blue knee-high socks for Socktoberfest in the Aktiv big stripes yarn from Germany.

But…my cousin just gave me the sweetest teapot and now all I want to do is cast on a cosy!  Also, if I want to knit a pair of Mosey legwarmers to wear with skirts this fall, I’d better get a move-on before fall becomes winter around Halloween.  They’re going to be grey, not blue, but I think I can argue that the cascading cables are water-like and therefore match the element of this theme.

4 thoughts on “Blue Choices

  1. Andrea says:

    Hey, I want to knit those same legwarmers! Granted, without the poms. But I’ve already got another pair of legwarmers OTN, so I might not be able to get to them any time soon. Unless I rip out my current crochet legwarmers (which I fear may be too tight). And I just realized that my Mosey yarn is blue which matches PS… hmmm… thoughts are brewing…

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