A Quote and a Question



“We must be willing to be a beginner over and over again in order to live a full life.”   Jill Badonsky


What are you beginning?


17 thoughts on “A Quote and a Question

  1. Kim says:

    I’m beginning to draw. After having been told repeatedly by fellow students in elementary school that I was a terrible draw-er, I abandoned rendering. Now, as I’m trying to show my children how to explore new ground, do things that feel scary, and live life fully, I find myself drawn to pencils and charcoal. I’m trying to keep my inner critic at bay and just DRAW.

  2. Madcap says:

    Great quote. As I self-study acupuncture and Chinese medicine, I often run into the concept of cultivating “beginner’s mind”. Thea Elijah speaks beautifully about facing what you don’t know backed by the fullness of the Dao, knowing that what you don’t know will always be infinite, but taking the little you do know and using that as a starting place to figure out which questions to ask. I probably didn’t express that in a way that conveys the reassurance that it gave me coming from her, the confidence to stand in my unknowing and not beat myself for not having all knowledge at the tips of my fingers or tongue.

    So yeah, always beginning everything, if I’m in the right state of mind, since what I don’t know about practically anything is infinite. But Chinese medicine is probably the #1 beginning thing of intentional study for me right now.


  3. lorax5 says:

    Horseback riding. I’ve always loved horses and after watching my daughter ride for 2 years, I finally signed myself up for lessons. It’s great for both of us. I’m learning how to ride and she gets to be better than me at something and watch me struggle to learn something new.

  4. catalinakel says:

    a career..here at midlife. teaching special education students with emotional challenges. I must be humble and let the students teach me what they need to learn. And I must realilze that I may not be effective, but I must give it my all anyway.

  5. lapazfarm says:

    Art journaling. I have discovered it recently and I think I really like it. So much less intimidating than other art to me.

  6. Lisa says:

    Beginning, thanks in no small part to the thinking you have made me do, to get my self respect back, to get in shape, and to take time for me–not just for the kids and work. That may all sound odd or selfish, but I mean it in the best of ways. I’m also still working on last year’s vow to learn to draw. Homeschool was a help for that! Finally, I’m trying to keep gracefully accepting defeat and let my daughter go back to public school this month. Trying to see that as “change” and not “defeat.”

  7. Angela says:

    Giving sock knitting another go, learned a new cast on that made it much better…
    The Bible has a lot to say about beginning anew also

  8. Colorfuldayz says:

    I am beginning a local group of the Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots youth program. I came together with four other totally wonderful dynamic women and we are having a great time organizing this to be a benefit to our children and our community. Nothing like taking on something new to really energize your day.

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