One Word

Last year, my Word of the Year was adventure and it was a powerful impetus in my days. It stirred me up, moved me forward, gave me a mental hook upon which to hang our lives. Home, this year’s word, just isn’t echoing the same way. Yes, we’ve done far more for our house and, yes, we’ve stayed close to home for our holidays. But not a word that’s helping me, not a word that’s echoing.

I wanted, needed a word to help me center myself, balance my life, and pay attention to the important things. A word to help me slow down, not get scattered. A word that would bring a sense of grace and plenty. I considered many but the one that made itself clear was connect. I had thought balance might be it, but that’s a word so overused that it had no heft.

Connect – with the moment, with the kids, with the task at hand, with the essentials.




Having found the word, I painted a dollar store frame and made it something that would please me to see. Much better than a sticky note. Then I placed it where I can see it from our dining room table.


On the Shelf

The piece above is a canvas print from my father. He’s an incredible photographer. An artist. It’s of an abandoned one-room schoolhouse surrounded by a canola field.

As you can tell from the paint chips, we are trying to find a new yellow. A softer, lighter, brighter yellow to bounce more light around the room.


12 thoughts on “One Word

  1. margauxhf says:

    I love your choice of word, I wish you luck with it in the next year. Also, I love your dad’s photograph. It’s fantastic. Good luck finding a new yellow 🙂

  2. nicolaknits says:

    I think I need a word – or maybe two. I am very interested in Taoism right now (reading Osho’s Tao, the Pathless Path), and I think my word(s) should be “let go”. I was thinking of putting those words somewhere where I could see them often.

  3. SusieM says:

    Connect is wonderful. Meaningful. You actually do a great job with that already, you know. You make connections all the time which you write about for us to enjoy. My word this year is going to be “space.” Balance was also a contender (it was the theme of our state’s homeschool conference which I just came home from last night) and it’s something important for me. But what I need more of in my life right now is “space” for myself and my ideas and my kids’ ideas, passions, doodlings. Space to breathe. Space to explore. Space to space out! Hee hee.

    My favorite yellow is “Macadamia Nut” from Benjamin Moore. Don’t know if you have Benjamin Moore where you are, but this color is amazing. Glows, subtle, cheerful. It has some red in it, so it’s not just yellow. Really yellow with a golden glow. I have 22 colors in my house and it is one of my absolute favorites!

  4. Crystal says:

    My vote is for the yellow farthest to the right, for now anyway.

    PS I love to read your blog and have been doing so for years now!

  5. Kim says:

    I think I need a word to ground me and assist me. I’ll get to thinking on it. Thanks for the idea.
    I love your dad’s photo. Gorgeous. Canola fields are captivating; they swell and surge like oceans in the prairies.

  6. Lisa says:

    “Home” IS a great word, because “connect” should be it’s “middle name.” I remember when my grandmother passed away at 94. My brother and I went up to the casket to say a final “Good bye.” He looked at me and said “where’s home now?” We were both adults, he with children, but she personified “home” and “connecting” in our family.

    I love the mindful way you set about each year. “Connect: The Year” should be interesting for those of us along for the blog-ride.

  7. ButterflyGirl says:

    I love the ‘word of the year’ thing. Last year for me it was ‘Awakening’…this year it is ‘Unfolding.’ Not so much like a box or flower unfolding, but more like a cloud that rolls out of itself…???
    Anyways…I love your dad’s photograph! Beautiful! It pops out on that color you have on your walls now, but I can see it goes great with all your choices below too!! Have fun painting!

  8. Kika says:

    I’ve been mulling this over since your post. Immediately a word came to mind for my new year but I didn’t like it… tried to ignore it… but have now commited to it. Self-discipline. This is my new Word of the Year. Not exciting sounding or super inspiring perhaps, but exactly what my heart is telling me I need at this time. A return to greater self-discipline in a few foundational areas of my life. I’m working at really creating the life I want but realize this doesn’t just fall into place. It requires courage, effort and determination. Large amounts of self-discipline are often required to break old habits or form new ones, to say NO when I feel pressured to agree, to settle for mediocrity when I really want better for my life. I feel challenged by my new WORD and excited about the growth I envision taking place in me over the next year.

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