The Lovely List

sweetly vibrant


I like to visit blogs that shine a light on life. Blogs that take the small delights and get up close with a nice, juicy macro lens of thought. And if the photos are also nice, juicy shots that make me want to linger, all the better. There are blogs out there that leave me feeling rested, or feeling inspired, or feeling like a better version of myself.

Brandy at The Lovely List has had a great idea: What if there were a clearing house for all the blogs that make the internet lovely? Hence, The Lovely List. And I’m not just sending you there because I’m featured there today. That’s just icing on the cupcake. I hope you enjoy The Lovely List and find many new oases of calm, inspiration, zaniness or happiness.


4 thoughts on “The Lovely List

  1. ChristineMM says:

    Sometimes I wish my blog were lovely but I have opted for honesty through and through so not everything I blog shows life so rosy. I’ve been commended for being “real” especially about homeschooling. I have a blog post that I may publish this morning stimulated by a HS mom blog post I read that she wound up putting 2 kids in school and stopping HSing them as based on what HS blogs said about perfection and how great everything was she thought she was failing those 2 children (still will HS the 3rd).


    The reason I came to your blog this morning was I thought of you when I read this advance reading copy. The book will come out Sept 7 2009 and I think it is right up your alley.

    With that said did you read this author’s first memoir about parenting younger children MITTEN STRINGS FOR GOD? It is one of my favorite books about mothering.

    Mindful parenting is in both books.

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