Star Set

Star Set


Oh, to be an August baby…

This set makes me all gooey on the inside every time I see it. Almost enough to drive me to have a third baby…almost. Oh, to have been a knitter when mine were wee…

The little bit of red embroidery gives this set such a finished look. I paged through Doodle Stitching to find a simple decoration that would be gender neutral. The star and the colour red shouldn’t make this out of bounds for these parents if they do have a boy. And if they do have issues, I’ll take the set back and put them on a shelf to ‘squee’ over.

The Mary Jane Bootees were super quick and sweet. So crazy cute I want to knit a houseful of these just to have on hand. I embroidered them before seaming rather than wrestling with the curves and constraints.


Star Bootees


The Kilkenny hat from Wee Woolly Toppers is a darling blend of sweet and surfer. I can’t recommend Wee Woolly Toppers enough. The hats in there just pile cuteness on cuteness. And manage to have a bit of funk at the same time. For the newborn sizes it seems that you can get 2 hats from a 50g ball, but all the hat sizes never take more than a 50g ball. Genius design constraint, no?




The purl i-cord is a nice complement to the garter stitch. The swirl of lace at the top is a good detail, and should make this a nice cap for a summer baby.

Yarn: Simply Cotton Sport undyed organic in Malted Milk, a naturally occurring shade of cotton. This yarn is a dream – soft, silky, drapey, gorgeous.  The b ootees took 10g of yarn and the hat 20g.  That leaves me about 20g, enough for a second hat.  I was thinking of doing something in plain stockingette to have a plain canvas for embroidery.


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