Better now

The fence and the garage needed us.

Heck, the house needed us when we bought it. Structurally great, but restrained from happiness by a dull palette of white and grey, both indoors and out. We felt like the house looked like a big iceberg sitting on our lot, particularly in winter. Driving home to an iceberg in January isn’t pleasant, and it was a good thing that flaking paint meant we didn’t need to worry about motivating ourselves to redo it. White with grey trim became yellow with green. As for the indoors, we have painted over every grey wall inside with a mix of yellow, orange, and red. Cheerful colours for a cheerful living environment.

But the fence and the garage were left to languish. We were busy. Money was tight. We preferred have fun than tackle a rather thankless task. It was past time.




And now, the last of the sterile and unwelcoming white and grey is gone. We’ve had a busy 5 days and have covered half the surrounding lawn and more than half of ourselves with paint spatters. It’s so much better now. Sitting on the deck in the shade of the apple tree, the green fence extends the lush sense of enveloping greenery. The space is more soothing.

From the other 3 sides, the garage is green with yellow trim to match the fence. From the side visible in the yard, though, we’ve matched the house and hope to play up the suggestion that the garage is a little cottage. We’ll be attaching a window box for flowers and hopefully scrounging up some shutters to add to complete the view. And, of course, we’ll trim back the bushes to make it more visible, replace the boards with holes (rotten spots + a boy with a hammer = holes),  and we’ll oust the plants growing in the cracks of the walkway.

Isn’t changing things utterly satisfying?


Alex, Joey, and Jo, you’ve won the little booklets! I’ll be mailing those as soon as I’ve gotten your addresses. Thanks to everyone for the quotes. I do love me some quotes!


5 thoughts on “Better now

  1. Alex says:

    I really like the colours you picked, so much better than the white/grey. We are making our way through our house and covering up all the taupe walls!

    YEAH! I won! THanks!
    I am not finding your e-mail address on your blog anywhere, so here is my e-mail if you don’t mind sending me yours, I can respond with my mailing address.

    Thanks again!

  2. Kika says:

    The cheerful color truly does make difference! I’ve always enjoyed the snippets of color from your home that I get to see in photos. In my first house, we knew we wanted bright colors; it seemed to fit the house. In our current home, however, we’ve kept it rather neutral. I don’t know how to explain the difference exactly but it seems to have a calming effect on me. Instead, my focus is to play with texture and add in bits of fun color here & there. The exception is my 9yo daughter’s bedroom which we painted, this summer (at her request), bright blue & green. It is fun and suits her, for sure.

  3. June says:

    Our home came to us in shades of white, inside and out. In January. In Maine. It was a winter it snowed a hundred inches. To cope, we painted our rooms red and yellow and orange and a green that vibrates. The colors seem to welcome us home after a day out in the world.

    I love what you’ve done with color. LOVE it!

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