Exploring Yellows

Yellow is such a changeable colour. Is it greenish, cool, and marking a feeling of growth beginning? Deep, rich, and settled? There is a profusion of yellow in the flower world, but much less of it in the world we humans have constructed. We seem to prefer to keep yellow as a dash, punctuation. Not our family. Our house is a creamy yellow outside and the inside is a range of yellows from soft to vibrant. Yellow makes us happy. Soothing or Energizing. It is a colour we’ve chosen to wrap around ourselves as a colour shield against the winters, against feeling bland, against feeling sad.

We went to the beach in Minnedosa yesterday. A stiff cold breeze whipped off the lake and kept us out of the water and playing instead. Across the street from the marvelously old-fashioned and dangerous “Small Fry Park” there was a run-down mini golf. The colours were so vibrantly painted that I couldn’t resist wandering through it. I left the kids in the park, knowing they were Big Fry and could handle the dangers.


Mini Golf Yellows


A few of the yellows to be seen in our garden these two months:


Garden Yellows



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