Random Acts of Colour

Random Acts of Kindness


Project Spectrum postcard (from a past Swap-bot swap) and some teeny books go out into the world to surprise people. Inspired by the Kind Over Matter site and their lovely card drops.

Some delivered while I was jogging. Yes, I am the mad woman you saw stopping to smell every lilac bush in the city that lay near enough to the sidewalk and carrying tiny booklets tied with green embroidery thread while I panted in the sudden heat.

If you don’t live by me, don’t worry. I’m cooking up a way to get little booklets to some of you dear readers as thanks for being so supportive and kind. In the meantime, wander over to Perfect Sentiment and download the inspiring bit of pretty words she’s cooked up for us. Be kind to yourself…for me.  And check out her other printables and those at Kind Over Matter, too. Be kind to yourself a second time.


8 thoughts on “Random Acts of Colour

  1. Lolly says:

    It really made my day to come home from a short beach excursion and find this in my mailbox, S. Thank you so much. I adore the yellow 🙂

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