Full and Fabulous

We’ve had an impossibly full weekend, the kind that is nearly unblogable. The highlights, then.

*Hot sunny days and the year-end soccer tournament. Seeing our kids so brave and bold, such good leaders on their teams.

*Father’s Day was celebrated on Saturday. The promise of dazzling tulips ordered for him now but delivered only in the fall. Books to wait for him on the shelves when he needs another world to enter.


Marathon #1


I had such fun making this pop-up card! I used a photo from his very first marathon, run 7 years ago on Father’s Day. Hard to imagine it’s the same family. Kids so cute and wee, Rainer before his 50 pound weight loss, not having that certain feeling that of course he’d cross the finish line. The card reads: “Fathering may not have a finish line, but you’re setting a PR* every day.”

*PR = personal record


Marathon #10


*Marathon #10 in the bag.

I was filled with such pride every time I saw him; it suffused my whole chest and I felt like I was glowing. And I saw him often – driving round the empty city streets on an early Sunday morning, leap-frogging ahead of him.

*Lunch at McNally Robinson bookstore. Chickpea salad. Coconut-crusted salmon. Peanut soup. All the time we wanted for browsing the shelves. Ahhh, now that’s heaven. The kids hadn’t come along, wanting to play the rest of the tournament with their teams. It made cheering at the marathon oddly lonely, but the post-marathon recovery time indulgently patient and full of time.

*My birthday. I’m 33 now. And the best one I can remember in years. Up at 5 to see Rainer to the start line – the fact that I was born on the longest day of the year always seemed to give my birthday, and therefore me, a lovely specialness and shine – and being up with the sun was just right. I gave myself the gifts of time to browse and freedom to purchase at the bookstore. I choose some delightful little lined booklets from Semikolon and the hefty and stylish Custom Knits. We listened to Nightwatch and chuckled on the drive back. We arrived in time to see Sandra’s team come back from a 0-1 to win the final 4-1. Ate a birthday supper of filet mignon and salad on the deck of my parents’ home, overlooking their native prairie plant gardens. I got prezzies. An iPod! And my sister had crocheted a present for me. Gorgeous purple, wavy/ruffly scarf. See the goofy photos of the Gali scarf/wrap. Home again, home again, to read Voyage of the Dawn Treader aloud as a family before falling asleep.

Like I said, it was full and it was fabulous.


12 thoughts on “Full and Fabulous

  1. Kika says:

    Happy birthday! Mine is coming up in a few weeks too. Your day sounded fabulous. On a different note, I checked out the Dick Blick Handjournals you wrote about in a past post and my kids and I will order some for next summer’s trip to Quebec. It’ll be hard to wait.

  2. ~beautyandjoy~ says:

    I’ve been reading you for a while now and your writing has been such a gift. This post in particular made me smile, though. Running and reading and celebrating and gifts and family…they are what make life life for me, too. Thank you. 🙂

  3. Annie says:

    Happy birthday! I love leapfrogging around the marathon course to cheer my husband (and everyone else) as well. I’n glad it was such a wonderful day.

  4. ChristineMM says:

    Thanks for sharing your details, sounds great.

    Now I’m curious about the weight loss. Can you share if the two of you did the weight loss together? Was it a combo of overhaul of diet and running? One more than the other?

    I didn’t recognize your DH in the original photo as you have shared more recent ones. He looks amazing.


  5. Kim in ID says:

    Happy Birthday to you! And congrats to your hubby on finishing 10 (!) marathons. This blog is such a bright spot, flowing with creativity and motivation! Thank you, Sarah.

    A side note: Have you ever read My First 100 Marathons (I believe the author is Harowitz) or My Life on the Run (Bart Yasso)? I’m not a runner (I prefer hiking or biking), but I really enjoyed these books.

  6. JoVE says:

    Happy Birthday! it is funny to think of you as only 33. On my 33rd birthday I was pregnant with Freya who will be 12 next month 🙂

  7. Mariah says:

    Happy Birthday Sarah. And mazel tov to Rainer. What a wonderful time you all had on your own and all together. A good mix.

  8. Lisa says:

    Oh to be 33 again! You are 14 years younger than me and have it so much more together! Tias was such a sweetie in that old picture [sure he still is].

    I have soccer in 100+ degree heat coming up July 1!!! Oh, for the comparative coolness of a truly northern summer!

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