June’s Blue

June's Delivery


The lunch bag of surprise yarn turned out to be a project I was fondly remembering and hoping would emerge soon from the box of surprise to which it had been consigned.

Misti Alpaca worsted becomes Helleborus.


Helleborus scarf


The pattern includes the following: Work rows 1–2, then repeat rows 3–10 until you drop dead. This is a boring knit, and you’ve now been warned. I don’t agree that it’s boring. It’s soothing. I always have to check the pattern for the edge stitches, but beyond those first and last 3 the pattern is a rhythmic joy. Simple. And blue. So little of what I’ve knit has been blue despite that colour’s status among my favourites.

I haven’t written much about these Personal Yarn Club packages because quite a few of them have been projects meant to be gifts. I’m finding the process both fun and frustrating. Sometimes I can’t wait for a project to arrive, like this one, and sometimes I can’t remember at all what I’ve packed away and the surprise is…surprising, which is what I wanted. Other times, though, a project feels like it just adds to my workload for a month, or I feel like it’s keeping me from something else that’s caught my fancy, or I wish I could dig through and get a particular yarn back (for Project Spectrum in particular). But mostly it’s been a fun way to play with my yarn. I could really see this being fun if it were tied into something like PS or another ongoing project.


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