tiny books

On our minds: tiny books.


plant books


Great Science Adventures mini-books. Dad is giving Sandra a year-end test tomorrow.  It might be her first real test.  She’s been studying and mind mapping.


Be Kind books


My “Be Kind” booklet, inspired by the Kind Over Matter booklet that is full of such charm. I wanted my cursive handwriting practice with the kids each day to be something a little more productive.  A work in progress, destined to bring little sips of kindness to friends and strangers.  I’ll probably pop some in library books and leave others out in the city.


Fairy book


Inspired by my little book, Sandra wanted to do her own.  “Practice Makes Perfect” is a little book about drawing fairies and not giving up if it’s not perfect each time.


One thought on “tiny books

  1. Kika says:

    I know each family’s homeschooling looks different (and should) but would you be willing to share a “typical” day or two of your homeschooling life? I’m going into my ninth year – and love it – but am always searching for wisdom and inspiration and enjoy glimpses into other people’s worlds.

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