light and whispers

light and whispers


Daylight seen through the fabric of the sleeve of the Whisper cardigan.

I am at a very interesting place in my knitting right now. I’m wonderfully attracted to cables and lace and have the skills to really just dive right in. What I lack, apparently, is any sort of leftover brain after my other parts of life take their share. Stockinette in the round with its utter simplicity is just what I need, and all I am capable of.

This week’s Quote and Question was a real stumper for me. What on earth can I stop doing? What can be left off so that things can be simpler? I feel that I have too much activity, too many roles, too much that is fragmenting me and stealing my ability to feel that I have the luxury of time and attention. My kids need me to be more mentally whole. They need me to be energized and mindful.

If “simple is as simple doesn’t”, and I can’t necessarily take off many hats right now, at least my hobbies can be not. Not complicated. Not requiring attention. Not fiddly. Not about deadlines. Whisper, with its simple shape and soothing undemanding knitting, is right for me just now. I feel like I’m making something. There is a real thing appearing out of my hands, but it is generously not asking too much from me.

The Reclamation Scarf from Stephanie Japel might be next. No gauge to worry about, you knit til you’re out of yarn, and I’m a scarf-loving girl.

Do you have utterly simple projects to recommend?

Wishing you an uncluttered day.


2 thoughts on “light and whispers

  1. Hannahbelle says:

    I just started knitting Whisper myself, yesterday evening. There’s something magically ethereal about lightweight stockinette. Sort of like what you’re knitting is barely there at all, even though you can see it forming.

    I’m using Malabrigo lace in Pearl 10 and Sapphire Green, and the colors are so luminous – my grandfather told me that they look almost iridescent, and they remind me of leaves and bark.

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