Project Spectrum: wood

Part of the Project Spectrum: Cardinal Direction celebration of East includes the element of wood.  While we were camping I indulged in some tree photography so that I could share what I was enjoying.  Weather reports confirm that May was the 6th month in a row with below average temperatures; I’m Canadian enough to be stoic about it but glory in every small sign of growth and warmth that delights me.




The shake of poplar leaves (also known as aspen) is like being beside a stream. Liquid sound. We have a sapling planted in our yard and I eagerly await its growth so that I can hear the pouring of wind through it.


bur oak

Gnarled and feisty looking, the bur oaks had short silhouettes in the scrubby woods of the Birds Hill Provincial Park. They were so compact and solid feeling. As though they daren’t risk extending many branches. They were just leafing out.


bur oak sprouting


bur oak unfurling


I’m rereading Anne of Green Gables again (likely the 20th time I will have read the series).  Good springtime reading.  She’s such an utter delight.  Do you, like Anne and me, talk to trees, wave at trees, play with trees?


2 thoughts on “Project Spectrum: wood

  1. Fiddler says:

    So glad I found your blog–it’s beautiful! I’m just starting to share Anne with my kids, and I share a love of trees with you and this favorite fictional kindred spirit.

    Also like you, I’m trying to find a good balance for the summer “semester.” One of your entries really stood out to me–you mentioned “paying attention.” Such a great reminder!

  2. Lisa says:

    I LOVE the texture and richness in the second photo most of all. Might have to get “Anne” out, too! I just devoured “The Good Earth” in a weekend, maybe I’ll relax with Anne tomorrow!

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