Productive Days

We are stuffed full of satisfied feelings. We tended 3 gardens (two flowerbeds and our veggie patch) and created a whole new flowerbed. Yard work was done. A gloriously hot day with sun, sun, sun. We wore ourselves right out yesterday.

Today we woke to a cold, windy, cold morning. A big morning.

2 5k runs (Sandra got 1st out of 15 in her age category and Tias got 2nd out of three!)

1 10 km run (I ran a personal best)

1 half-marathon (Rainer came in 5th overall!)


race day


By this afternoon, I was feeling all used up. Rainer headed off for a cycle with a triathlete buddy so I dragged a cushiony chair into the shade, brought tea and books, knitting and crocheting. I must have had a little juice left in me since I was motivated to learn to crochet in the round under a tree late Sunday afternoon. Perfect end to a very productive weekend. Productive relaxation.


Project Spectrum crochet


A yellow washcloth for Project Spectrum. Round like the sun for a touch of spring in the kitchen.


4 thoughts on “Productive Days

  1. Schwester K says:

    Yay crocheting! Did you try the live ring? How did you find crocheting in the round?

    Congats to you all!

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