Still Knee-Deep in Organizing

Alright, alright, maybe ankle-deep by now.  Is anyone who’s not me surprised that this is taking longer than I’d expected?  I’ve done all the easy stuff, now come those piles that need consideration and planning.  The kids and Rainer have left for their soccer games and the dining room table is piled with items for this summer.  I want to make lists on index cards for what I’d like to use for each subject.  Then I’m all about the drinking tea and knitting before I go walk the dog on this windy, crisp, cool day.

In the meantime, though, I have a few links to share:


Bagalope Tutorial – the name totally makes me giggle because I’m thinking about jackalopes. You take an envelope and turn it into a gift bag.  She recomends used envelopes for the added visual interest and thriftiness.


Two things to do with scissors to T shirts to improve them:
*Violà! T shirt becomes halter top

*No sewing needed: Ugly Shirt to Fashion piece in 2 minutes


Paper Flowers – What is it about things constructed with text on them?  Love them all.  This project shows a wreath, but I can think of a lot of ideas for gift wrapping, weddings, party decorations.

The One Thing Principle – an eloquent and inspiring piece on slowing down and living mindfully with children, specifically for homeschoolers but I believe that this applies to all parents as the season of summer holidays approaches.  It’s not just abstract theory or tender inspiration, either; she ends with with 4 practical steps to make it simpler.  I love Julie’s blog, and you should, too.


3 thoughts on “Still Knee-Deep in Organizing

  1. Lisa says:

    My daughter will love the no-sew t-shirt “improvement”!! Thanks for posting it. I’m putting together some links, some magazine ideas, etc, for 100+ degree days when she wilts and stays inside. She’ll just love this and I bet I can guess which shirt get the chop!

  2. Lisa says:

    I looked for you email, but didn’t find it so I’ll post this here–you can remove if you want. I just looked over “Writer’s Jungle” and am wondering how I missed it earlier. I was just ready to order the AO language arts recommendations [but not thrilled with them]. I very well may order W.J. instead. I loved everything I read. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
    I’ve posted on my blog about “Bird by Bird,” as well. It is turning into a book I’ll read over and over. I’m going to share parts with my daughter as we start writing together.

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