Look, Ma, I kin crochit!

Look, Ma, I kin crochit!

My learning washcloth.  Single, half double, single, double…repeat til it’s square.  I haven’t crocheted in years, and even when I did I all I knew how to do was single crochet. I made an afghan using just single crochet in Zeller’s acrylic the year I was in Gr 12. I remember crocheting furiously as the hockey playoffs got more intense. I’d moved in with Rainer, was a punk, and was mostly cooking from scratch and crocheting an afghan. No internet. No Gramma for 2000 km. Just me and the stripes and the single crochet.

My sister came over for the evening. She taught me to crochet, I taught her knitting, and life is good.

Now to learn to increase, decrease and do other interesting things.

Look, Ma, I kin crochit!

I’m so glad I used the brightest cotton I own. So cheerful.

And I have to say, crochet is the way to go for dishcloths. Fast and to the point.


4 thoughts on “Look, Ma, I kin crochit!

  1. Shawna says:

    Yay!! Something I already know how to do. Both are great, knitting and crotcheting, soothing in their own ways. And I too love the color, cheerful!

  2. Lisa says:

    Great photo–the light, the color, the texture makes an ordinary dish cloth look SUPER! You “Grade 12 year” would likely make some great posts!!!

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