Today I invited the kids to take the home out of homeschooling.

Time for a new setting.


heading out

:: around the corner ::


2 hot chocs and a latte

:: 2 hot chocolates and a latte ::



:: cursive ::



:: multiplication with the abacus ::



:: grammar ::



:: poetry for me ::


heading home

:: heading home ::



9 thoughts on “Excursion

  1. renee @ FIMBY says:

    Sounds like a good plan to me! We do this now and then when we need a change of pace. Unfortunately spring has made it very difficult to stay focused so I’ve just given up and taken the school out of home for the time being. Until they weary of the outdoors, sometime around September!

  2. Gerky says:

    I love when I take the picklets to Panera Bakery for hot cocoa and a frozen carmel. They seem to love the shake up in the usual routine and I love it too. Hope you enjoyed it!


  3. lemon says:

    I liked very much what you did today!
    Homeschooling and coffee/fun also!

    In Greece homeschooling is absolutely unknown, I was surprised to find your blog and some more, and I keep watching you for the past months! My regards 🙂

  4. Kika says:

    I did the same thing yesterday … in between snow falls we’ve had very strange spring weather) I grabbed kids and nature notebooks, bought a cofee and headed to the park. We didn’t stay long but it was refreshing!

  5. Courtney says:

    We just love taking the show on the road! There’s a local coffee shop at the end of our street … we love to pack up our assignments and stroll down for a treat. Hot chocolate always makes things better : )

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