Colour Me…Character?


In honour of Project Spectrum’s green, I present the following quote for your consideration:

“So…if you are uncertain about what to wear for your next date, test your responses to the following meanings which are supposed to reveal your personality according color analysts of character….GREEN: Should this be your preference, you have an alert mind and are a stimulating conversationalist. You like to be with people who do interesting and unusual things, with whom you can have an interchange of keen wit and be in touch with new trends. You need to keep interested in a variety of activities.” Instant Fashion: Designed for you by a team of prominent designers and fashion experts. Learn it today – Look it tomorrow. 1969

My Oma recently handed me many of her craft books and a few of her craft supplies.  This one is a gem.  There will be more from this book to come, never fear. The illustrations, the assumptions that you’ll be doing a lot of your own sewing (evening gowns, jackets and dressy suits), the list of basic clothes that should be in every woman’s wardrobe (3 pairs general wear gloves, 1 pair dressy) are all charming. The fashion advice, particularly for repurposing/revitalizing your wardrobe, is excellent though.  Great ideas for transforming a jacket with a new collar, or making basic clothes that can have a dozen looks with the right accessories.  It’s an oddly fantastic mix of DIY meets Jackie O.

I’ll be sure to get a shot of the cover for you…Because what is Instant Fashion without a wig, after all?


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