A Little Dose of Obsession

We’re busy. We’re tired.  We’re coping admirably with living life full-throttle by falling asleep on the couch.  In the midst of all of it, though, my mind is acting like a macro lens.  Doing away with all the clutter and the larger setting.  My mind is zooming in, pausing for a moment on a beam of light on the wall, or a tangle of colour in the laundry, or the shape of a tree against the sky.  I’m suddenly up close and slowed down, cherishing.

Mentally, my thought processes are doing a similar thing; I’m caught up in an obsession on a number of fronts.  I’m knitting the second version of a project within a week.  I’m in the middle of sewing up more versions of these DPN needle holders.  I’m knitting the first Noro I’ve enjoyed touching and I never want to stop.  I’m pouring over a homeschooling catalogue like I haven’t since the first year we started.  A little dose of obsession to bridge the time between the last snow disappearing from our yard and the brightening and greening of the world.


DPN holder___


5 thoughts on “A Little Dose of Obsession

  1. ChristineMM says:

    I am obsessed with Noro too and would knit it exclusively if I could afford it.

    If you have not yet knitted with Kochoran you must. It is wool with silk and angora and as it knits up some rabbit fluff flies in the air. It is soft and luscious to work with.

    Last night I stayed up past midnight to finish a long sleeved top down raglan sweater which just crossed three months in the making. But in my fatigue I forgot about downsizing the needle 2 sizes for the cuff. I went to sleep and tonight I’ll frog and rework and do finishing touches to weave in ends then it is done. Hooray.

  2. Sarah says:

    Late winter, early spring seems to be an ideal time for obsessing. At least for me, the earth waking up around me brings me out of my winter stupor and works so fast that I feel overwhelmed with all that I want to do and learn.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Please tell me your secret to getting so much done! I can’t imagine your daily routine–I think just reading all you do in a day would tire me! What is a somewhat typical day for you? I see it as up at 7am and go non-stop till 11pm–am I close?

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