March is…

…a time to consciously savour the small moments of colour and brightness, both the experiences you create and the flashes you encounter.




Sweet in size. Sweet in taste. Mini Honey mandarin oranges from the supermarket. An indulgence for the waiting time before spring. Like gold for the tongue.


Eyelet Front Vest


Knitting heaven. Bright orange overlays yellow. The baby llama slides with tactile luxury through my fingers, a sensory vacation. Each knitting session is eagerly anticipated. The work inspires visions of wearing this over sundresses, inspires hope that the seasons will change.




Petals from a friend. Bight, intense, exuberant. The first flowers delivered to my door in more than 15 years. Unanticipated. A feeling of being loved.

March is…not all horrid bits.

March is…training in finding treasure.


4 thoughts on “March is…

  1. Amy says:

    Funny how I never cared for the color orange until just a year or so ago when I realized how cheerful it can be. I love these. Orange, untainted, the way God meant orange to be. And the contrast to blue is amazing…

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