March Needs…

…March needs to get a life. It is a tease. A real passive-aggressive idiot of a month.  March is stupid.  If I were Queen of the world, there wouldn’t be March.

I’m so ready for spring.  But March only promises spring here.  It’s worse since the internet came about: craving spring, feeling trapped, needing spring… and seeing spring in other places.  March isn’t the beginning of spring.  It’s the end of winter, but  a long, drawn-out end that needs a stern editor to take it in hand.  All these “extreme windchill warning” plot devices are childish and should be deleted.



…March needs warmth. Basic knitting for busy fingers that leads to warm toes. The cold bright skies of deep winter are covered by grim grey clouds and the soul shivers.


workhorse socks


…March needs colour. Every year I crave flowers and yet let budget-minded thinking keep them just a dream. Not this year. Colour is cheaper than therapy.




…March needs field trips. Who can handle hum-drum routine? Who can bear the house anymore? Who doesn’t need a bit of a party to leaven the months of being together inside?


field trip

Sketching in the greenhouse. Warm humid air. A pond of fish flashing with colour.


field trip

Picnic lunch and sketching at the art gallery window. A Thermos full of sweet spicy tea.


…March needs fun.

greenhouse fun


11 thoughts on “March Needs…

  1. ChristineMM says:

    Love the post and the photos. Fantastic.

    I needed color so put down my winter boring color sweater knitting and picked up a new project with Carribbean blues and greens.

    After the photos are blogged I’ll come back and share more info.

  2. Laura says:

    I whole-heartedly agree. March is such a tease. We’ve been on an unofficial “post-mid-winter” break because I just cannot deal anymore. 😀

  3. JoVE says:

    I would also delete March. I love the bit about it needing an editor. Fabulous.

    and Tigger loves loves loves those socks. You might have to tell me what the yarn is…

  4. Tracey says:

    Spoken like a true Canadian! Sadly we get giddy when the temperature rises above zero. I usually go into denial about this time and put away our winter coats (and then freeze for a month).

  5. Angela says:

    My thoughts exactly! I used to hate February, but March is taken its place. I had to start knitting a spring hat in pink and cotton.

  6. renee @ FIMBY says:

    Ok, I love that sock photo. Someday I will make socks like that.

    Are you reading my march mail?

    I’m so glad you are another northern blogger. I feel I can visit your blog and not come away green with early spring envy.

    Funny, we too are having a month of more outings. A knit and play date, a Children’s museum, concerts, clay painting. I find the pace a little tiring but necessary to keep us moving through this sluggish and long month.

    Take heart my friend. April is coming. The month is almost 1/2 over.

  7. Nerissa says:

    Funny. That’s the way I feel about February but I hear ya. March is ALWAYS weird around here. We call it “Herring Weather” since it only seems to get this way while the herring are spawning. I can’t wait for April. The hummingbirds always come back for my birthday.

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