Invested in the Process

Well, February just flew past for me.  For you, too?  Did Vest-uary distract you a little from waiting impatiently for spring?  I hope so.

Of course, everyone who knit along had the fun of their project, but those who finished and emailed me had a chance to win a prize as well.  Six lucky knitters will have the fun of waiting for packages in the mail during March.

Congratulations, all!  And thanks ever so much to the generous people who donated.  What a delight knitters are.

On Wednesday, I finished my second vest, just a few days from having both done in a month.

Devon Vest

Knit in the round, it was a simple and very pleasing project. I did not pick up and knit down for the K1P1 ribbing at the bottom as the pattern instructed but rather just knit it on at the beginning.  This was perhaps a mistake as it now flips.  I’ll probably pick up the row above that, cut it off, and then knit on 5 rounds of ribbing with a smaller needle.

Devon Vest

I added a center panel of texture.  The 34 stitch panel of Knit-Twist Lattice stitch from Barbara Walker’s Second Treasury of Stitches was simple, easy, and looks stunning. I am thinking of embroidering charcoal grey within some of the diamonds to emphasize the argyle-effect.

Devon Vest

I gave myself some positive ease on this vest.  And I think I may have discovered that I prefer negative ease, or no ease.  Hmm.  Live and learn, eh?

A few times this week, the temperatures have been over the freezing mark. Or should I say melting point? (Hooray!) I thought I’d take advantage of the rink as a backdrop for photos at least once before it starts melting away. Don’t worry, though, I’m sitting on a small piece of cardboard.

Pattern: Devon from the now defunct Magknits

Yarn: Jaeger Matchmaker Merino, black 150 g


7 thoughts on “Invested in the Process

  1. ChristineMM says:

    Guess what finally arrived today? The pattern book I ordered from the LYS in January that had a vest in it I wanted to knit for Vestuary. Bad timing!

    (Next time I will order from an internet shop, sorry LYS!)

    Glad that you and everyone had fun with it!!

    I really like challenges with deadlines as they help me commit to doing stuff.

  2. renee @ FIMBY says:

    Just lovely. I’m about to start (tomorrow) my first real knitting project, partly inspired by your blog. I usually borrow books from the library vs. owning but I feel I might need to have a book on hand for awhile to reference stitches and such. What would you recommend as the one “best to own” book on knitting? I’m perusing stitch and bitch right now and it’s good, I’m thinking of buying it for reference but maybe you’d recommend a different one to own.


  3. nicolaknits says:

    Brrr – sitting on the ice! As usual, our weather made us think that spring was coming but today we have snow and strong winds. I have been wearing a couple of my knitted vests but today they won’t be warm enough.

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