Winter. Spring.  Tension.

What is outside.  What I feel inside.  Tension.

Whites and greys.  Colour.  Tension.

Where there is tension, there’s interplay. I need to play. Watercolour + Ink.

PS 4 watercolour grid

Playing with the 4 Project Spectrum colours wet-in-wet was a whole lot of stress-busting fun. Adding the freeform ink doodles on top felt like I was rediscovering myself as an artist, hearing the call of what drew me to pursue it in the first place.


That really looks like the way I feel right now. Whimsical, bright, ungoverned. Bold. There is a meadow’s worth of flowers waiting to burst inside me.  Seeds, possibility, life.


8 thoughts on “Playing

  1. Saille says:

    It’s good to see how other people are coping. I’m mostly knitting. Spring fever and my responsibilities are making me feel like my skin is just barely containing spring thunderstorms. I want to go running down the street at top speed with my arms flung out, but since every sidewalk is a sheet of ice, I feel…hemmed.

  2. renee @ FIMBY says:

    gorgeous. Quick question: what materials do you use for this? I’d like to have these kind of art supplies on hand for the kiddos (& maybe myself!). I’ve subscribed to the post so you can just post the response her or e-mail me privately if you prefer.

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