Vest-uary comes to an end

for this year, at least.

Just a quick note to say I’ll be accepting email entries for FOs til March 3rd. (poppinsclassical(at)hotmail(d*t)com) That gives you time to photograph things and all those little bits. I will accept your word that you’ve finished even without a photo, though. March 3rd, midnight Central Time. I’ll announce the winners of the great prizes within a few days of that. By the weekend for sure.

This really is a short month, isn’t it? I want to thank you all for playing along with me. This has been a wonderful distraction, wonderful chance to connect, and a wonderful way to find new patterns.

And I’ll definitely be doing this again next year. More + vests = better.


2 thoughts on “Vest-uary comes to an end

  1. Sandy says:

    Well thank YOU for hosting! This has been an awesome first garment project for me. Not sure I would have ventured into it without your inspiration. I will be joining again next year!!!

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