A Quote and a Question

from the sky


“Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.” Betty Ford


Will you join me in wishing Sandra an extraordinary 12th birthday?

Strike out, dear one, into your life with boldness and an uncompromising delight in being you. Let the energy of each moment teach you more about what you love to do.  Let the strengths that make you vital and beautiful carry you forward.


20 thoughts on “A Quote and a Question

  1. Tinkermama says:

    Happy Birthday Sandra! It is clear to me from your mother’s blog that your are a self-assured, creative person and that your mama loves you to bits and bits! Have a great year.

  2. Rainer says:

    Happy birthday my lovely daughter. It has been a pleasure to see you grow, to listen to you dream about your future, and to wrestle you in Judo.
    Can’t wait to get home to celebrate with you some more!

  3. Penni says:

    Happy 12th Birthday, Sandra!!

    — This picture is beautiful. My husband and I were trying to figure out what the snowflakes are on. Is this a car or ?

    🙂 ~Penni

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