Lovin’ the Ticuna

Ticuna complete

I really like the design and I’ve fallen for the cable. I love it…the way the center seems to spin and spin, like a child looking up at the sky and whirling arms outstretched, while the outer strand gently bends over, leans in, and is caught up in the motion.

cable detail

The neckline is higher than traditional for a vest, but it seems to lend itself more to wearing with more casual styles of shirts.  I haven’t tried it with a collared shirt yet.

Pattern: Ticuna from Berroco.

Yarn: Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks.  Colour: Mink Heather. Used about half the yarn I expected to based on what the pattern called for, 5.5 balls. I was knitting on tiny needles to get the gauge (3.5mm), so it’s not that I was all loose and floppy. That makes this a $12 US project, which is pretty sweet.

Mods: I added waist shaping and omitted the ribbing at the armholes. The waist shaping I added for obvious reasons, but the ribbing isn’t as obvious. I had knit it on, but had to remove it.


Somehow, my armholes aren’t right. Partly a problem with them being not deep enough, I think. Partly a problem with my waist shaping, I’m sure – probably should have made the increases a little more quickly so that there was a longer stretch of straight knitting before the armhole. Also possibly related is that my bust has (sigh) shrunk since the last time I measured myself. Yay for the half-marathon running, but boo for the bust. I removed the ribbing, picked up stitches, knit a round, then purled as I was binding off – I really like the sleek, trim edge that produced. Must remember it. I’m hoping that a stern blocking with attention to lengthening the armholes will help the problem.

Ticuna complete

It really does add a lot of warmth while leaving my arms free – a wonderful springlike feeling.  And the colour is so creamily warm that it will be a joy to wear in fall when I have that surge of longing for autumnal shades.

It took 2 weeks, half of Vest-uary.  That leaves me time to work on a second vest.  I’m really craving a cardigan-style vest, but I’ve run into a yarn problem. I started swatching for the #11 Eyelet Front Vest with some more Wool of the Andes, but I realized I don’t have any yarn nice enough for that pattern – I want something soft curling up against my neck for any season, and if I wear it in summer with tank tops or sundresses I’ll definitely want something soft. So I’m back to debating knitting Devon with black yarn on smaller needles, or trying to do something with the heathered blue Wool of the Andes. If I go for the blue, it’ll mean bigger needles and something with a deep v-neck or scoop neck.  Something to go with collared shirts.


14 thoughts on “Lovin’ the Ticuna

  1. Saille says:

    I love it! I’ve never noticed a picture of you on here before…I got confused halfway through the post because I thought that was a model. It’s cool to have a face to put with your “voice”.

  2. Gudrun says:

    That looks great on you and very wearable…..I’m not a huge vest wearer but seeing the FO’s that are popping up as a result of this Vest-uary I’m starting to feel I need one in my wardrobe too!

  3. Shannon B says:

    Mm, nice. “Vest-uary” is new to me, but I just took out Cheryl Oberle’s “Folk Vests” the other day and WOW…there are about five I’d cast on right now if I had the yarn.

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