Cocoa-Peanut Porridge

The other week, I invented a new way to eat porridge*, one so good I had to share it.  Problem is, I only remember after I’ve inhaled the stuff.  Even here, I took the picture after I’d eaten a good two-thirds.

I eat porridge every morning, usually with a banana cut into it after cooking for sweetness, but sometimes the bananas aren’t ripe or I want a different flavour, especially if I’m eating it as a comforting bedtime snack or as lunch on days when I have not got the energy for something more elaborate.  I’ve already shared my Perfect Purple Porridge recipe, and if I were going on a colour/alliteration theme, I’d be calling this Brilliant Brown in a Bowl.  But I’m not. It smells luscious, but looks a bit…um…swamp-inspired shall we say.

cocoa-peanut porridge

This is the recipe as it works for one person, just increase the amounts if, as happens  around here, your family decides that this makes a wonderful dessert.  Weight Watchers people, this is 3 Points if you use artificial sweetener. (Another reason it’s brilliant.)

Cocoa-Peanut Porridge

Combine in a pot and bring to a boil:

  • 1c -1 1/2c water (depending on how thick you like it)
  • a generous pinch of salt
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder

Add and return to a boil, then simmer til the mixture is smooth and glossy (5 minutes or so) :

  • 1/2 c oats (I use quick oats, not instant)

Pour into a bowl and add:

  • 1/2 TB smooth all-natural peanut butter

Sometimes you need to let it sit for a moment or two, the heat helps the peanut butter melt in.


  • a splash of vanilla
  • sweetener, honey, or sugar to taste

Call me crazy, but I think this is a simple, cheap, comforting piece of heaven. And I think it would work beautifully as something to pack as a lunch, either in a Thermos or in a microwave safe dish.

The chocolate-orange lover in me wonders what would happen if you substituted a bit of orange zest for the peanut butter. Or what if I  used coconut extract instead of vanilla? Hmmm…further porridge experimentation may be in store for me.


* Some of you may know porridge as oatmeal.  That people in some areas of the English-speaking world don’t know the word porridge startles me.  We were listening to a Jim Weiss retelling of Goldilocks and were baffled when he said, “…she tasted the porridge, which is sort of like oatmeal…” because in our experience it’s not sort of like it, it is it. Fascinating.


17 thoughts on “Cocoa-Peanut Porridge

  1. Schwester K says:

    Coconut or orange zest would be good, but don’t forget about raspberries!!!

    I’ve also had a chocolate bar with ginger in it – amazing. Now that would be a wake-up!!!

  2. Kim says:

    I remember when I discovered that porridge and oatmeal were the same thing… and I thought, why do those Americans insist on calling a rose something other than a rose 😉
    Your recipe sounds divine. As someone who like both porridge and a little protein in every meal, I am very excited by the peanut-porridge combo. Now the problem of finding peanut butter in Turkey…

  3. Sarah says:

    Ooh, this sounds fantastic. I’ve wanted to like porridge my entire life, but my mom made the nastiest, glue-iest stuff imaginable. I finally had a friend (a Canadian, coincidentally – maybe it’s only you guys that know how to make good porridge!) give me a porridge recipe that is fantastic. I love it. This looks so yummy – I’m going to go try it. I’ve been looking for a way to sneak protein into my 2 yr old’s porridge. Thank you!

  4. JoVE says:

    If you want that chocolate-orange thing and don’t have an actual orange to get the zest from… use orange extract instead of the vanilla.

    I quite like porridge, though I rarely make it, and I’m not sure about this. It just seems wrong to put chocolate in it….

  5. Lee-Anne says:

    Imagine my surprise when I read your post yesterday, after just having “invented” my very own version of Cocoa Porridge that very morning!

    We were clean out of rice milk when I reached into the pantry to make our morning porridge, and the girls were able to convince me to use the chocolate rice milk that was left behind from our weekend skiing adventures.

    It was like eating brownies for breakfast and needless to say, a new favourite was created.

    We topped it with a Tbsp of almond meal.

  6. Katherine says:

    LOL!! I had always wondered what porridge was! I didn’t realize that I have been eating it all of my life. The Cocoa-Peanut Porridge looks extremely yummy!! I can’t wait to try it!

  7. Butterflygirl says:

    On your inspiration I made some porridge boiled in Vanilla Almond milk with a little agave nectar and just a smackrel of Nutella with some chopped hazelnuts….divine!!
    The next day I tried chunky peanut butter….mmmm…

  8. Amy says:

    Sounds awesome, Poppins! I’ve been on a peanut butter (and honey) kick… but from the spoon. With a spoon – in oatmeal – might be a good change!

  9. Ray J says:

    Usually we add brown sugar (and/or honey or maple syrup) and cinnamon.

    Sometimes we add cocoa powder (or chocolate), the sacred food of the gods, like Kukulcan (Mayan) or Quetzalcoatl (Atztec).

    Sometimes we add a protein like peanut butter or almond butter or hazelnut butter or sunflower seeds trying various combinations. Sometimes leaving out the sacred cocoa powder, other times leaving out the cinnamon, etc.

    Today for the first time I tried adding Tahini sauce (which is basically, sesame seed butter) along with brown sugar, cinnamon and cocoa powder and that worked too, so much I will do it again.

    Somebody else suggested adding coconut flakes which sounds really appetizing.

    As a more nutritious alternative to nutela, we add cocoa powder, hazelnut butter and brown sugar or honey or the maple syrup, another gift from the gods like the legends of Gluskabe (Abenaki) or Nanabosho (Algonquin).

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